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"Great photography is depth of feel, not depth of field" - Peter Adams ... which is how I approach each picture I capture. Photography isn't what I do, it's what I enjoy trying to accomplish. I want people to look at my photos and see beauty in the simplicity of the photograph. The most important part of photography is the photograph, not the trend or the technique. My work draws upon but also transcends on my experiences! Camera, light, and composition is everything you need to capture a unique photograph.I'm forever learning and will continue to do so.

SweatLife is an anthem that I conceptualized for all who love life and enjoy living life to the fullest. I started saying 'sweatlife' as a motivational movement for myself to get out and do more. It quickly grew into the belief or attitude that I was not going to just attempt or think about attempting; instead, with a 'sweatlife' philosophy, I could always do and give more if I just tried harder. Effort and will matter. 'Sweatlife' is an internal competition to make myself realize that there's always more strength beyond our physical bodies, We must channel this strength and learn how to use and maximize it in all that we do. Self-reflection is essential. And so is commitment.
The desire must be internal/intrinsic.
So, yeah, I urge you to SweatLife. See how much you will get out of it.
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I love my family and thank them for the support... especially my wife Devan...'til death.' As Always "SWEATLIFE"
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